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Making money online is pretty simple once you’ve figured out the basics, pulling it off to a significant extent isn’t so easy.

Once you’ve put together your website or blog, the next thing you’ll need in order to make money from it is affiliate adverts, as you may have seen dotted around AlltheInterweb (they ain’t just there to make the website look pretty you know).

There are a number of options to go to in order to get adverts
1) Google AdSense
One of my outright favourite places to get adverts as there’s so many different companies using the Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) to plug their website/business.

2) Amazon Associates
My other long time favourite, even if my earnings from it have dropped off quite a bit in the last year or two.

3) Ebay Affiliates
Used to be quite good, still has a fair bit of potential, especially on “special interest” websites where you can run adverts targetting related products for sale on Ebay.

4) Commission Junction (CJ.com)
Where I first started trying getting adverts for my websites to make a bit of extra cash out of them, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with it’s results. I was even less impressed at how they cancelled my accounts on more than one occasion, kinda forgot to mention it to me, still kept serving ads to my sites.

5) BuySellAds
Sells adverts at a “per views” rate instead of “per click”, but requires your site to have traffic above a certain amount to get the thumbs-up to be able to sell advertising space on your website through their platform.

6) DigitalPoint
Has something like a poor-man’s version of BuySellAds among their tools, serves your Adsense (or other?) adverts in the slot until someone buys advertising impressions on your site through digitalpoint platform.

7) Media.net
Where BingAds go to get served, haven’t tried it yet to see how it compares to AdSense.

For more opportunities and advertising tools, there was a section in the AlltheInterweb Directory for this: CLICK HERE to check it out.

Webmaster Toolbox

If you manage to get approved, your next step is to work on getting ever increasing amounts of web traffic in order to get the clicks, and creating fresh content to keep people and search engines keen on visiting the site.

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