Dealing With Mean Comments

Some weeks ago on a support group for YouTube Content Creator type people on Facebook I answered a post asking how to deal with mean comments on videos on your YouTube channel.

I have been meaning to copy & paste my answer into this blog in order to create a blog post like this that puts it where it can be seen more widely, and allows me to expand on it a bit and use less fluffy language if needed without having to worry about tech censorship problems.

Unfortunately now that I have finally gotten round to starting this thing, I can’t find the original post in the facebook group, so can’t access my answers to it in order to make writing this blog more easy to write, so it looks like I’ll have to try do it best I can from memory.

Option 1) Just leave it there for other people visiting your channel to see what a moron they are.

Option 2) Create some content out of it. Just as “Mail Time Vlogs” + “Unboxing Videos” have “become a thing” amongst content creator types on the interweb, I’ve noticed a trend towards people doing occasional “Reading Mean Comments” + “Reading Mean Tweets” videos reading out examples of stuff they’ve seen on their comments and social media, like the examples in the playlist below.

Option 3) The method often used by Stephen Crowder – pay them a little visit in full costume with a camera crew following along.

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