AlltheInterweb Update In The Works

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This week I finally started the first moves to try improve the front part of AlltheInterweb to reflect recent changes to the Interweb.

These changes will appear when they appear, and made to try make this website more simple and tidier.

The existing front end was first unleashed at some point in 2017 after making the switch from my favoured Netobjects Fusion to Mobirise web design software, and incorporated links to parts of AlltheInterweb that have recently had to be discontinued.

The new version of the website will still use Mobirise, just to a lesser extent, in order to make more use of this WordPress part of the website you’re on now.

I only really switched to Mobirise because Google had started nagging about using Responsive Web Design.

While it wasn’t a terrible web design package, Mobirise may have created a more pretty website, but the blocks design aspect made things less flexible when it came to being able to place Interweb advertising. Basically limiting me to horizontal ads, and canning the ability to be able to place vertical ads or the trusty old 300×250 square. As a result, my online earnings had been heading in a direction opposite to what I’d been hoping for.

Using Mobirise was a bit like a slightly more advanced version of a software popular on computer magazine cover discs back around 1999/2000 when I first got a PC, but I can’t remember the name of it. Think it was made by the same people behind HotDog Professional, but a more basic option.

The changes to the AlltheInterweb site coming shortly also take into account retiring bits of the website rendered useless due to PHP scripts no longer working because of changes to how PHP calls up MySQL Databases. This mean’t the end of AlltheInterweb Pixels advertising service, and the original web directory.

We recently had additional problems with an assortment of old YaBB forums no longer appearing, seemingly due to recent changes to CGI/Perl, so all the special interest forums have merged into the one on the blog until I can work up the energy to try tinker them back into life.

AlltheInterweb Answers has also been canned since it was getting too much of a pain in the butt to update, and the damn place was only getting swamped with spammers anyway.

Check back to see when these updates appear on AlltheInterweb’s corner of the Interweb.


2 thoughts on “AlltheInterweb Update In The Works”

    1. Could be going better, as I tried upgrading the anti-virus + firewall software on the PC last week to “AVG Free” + “Comodo Free Firewall”….. which went so well that Windows 10 wouldn’t restart until I spent 4hrs doing a re-install, so I’ve been having to then also track down + reinstall various bits of software.

      One of my favourites for making graphics called “3D Flash Animator” is particularly holding the job up ‘cos the creator packed in, so can’t unlock the damn thing so I can use it.

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