Google to Censor Websites That Correct Popular Science Misconceptions

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Lastnight while perusing my social media timelines I came across a news story from an online advertising trade publication stating that Google was to ban websites from their Google Ads platform for spreading “misinformation” denying climate change.

By this of course they mean people who correct popular beliefs about climate science after taking a closer look at the data to come to a more realistic conclusion.

The writer at the publication making this announcement didn’t help matters by repeating the “science is settled” fallacy.

The science is far from “settled”, and most popular beliefs about what the climate is doing is no better than a Clickbait headline. Most of it appears to be data manipulated by the PR people for fading career politicians trying to revive their career with a King Canute style belief in their ability to try to control things beyond their control.

There was a further news story after I’d been to bed which suggests for the same reasons Google also plans to pull advertising revenue from website owners who correct misconceptions about climate science, in much the same way they stiffed small YouTube creators in February 2018.

This is not the first time the tech giants have interfered with scientific knowledge as if they know better than actual scientists before they then censor them.

Last year they were outed for censoring actual Doctors on social media for swapping information they learned from trying to fix actual sick people.

They were also accused of deleting a science documentary video they disagreed with from the private Google Drive account of an actual Scientist. That seems to have been censored because I can’t find it again now, and Twitter even seems to have censored a tweet I made of the story that I embedded in a previous tech censorship post.

In another incident big tech was accused of censoring an actual scientist who studies polar bears in places where there are actual wild polar bears for stating that population levels of polar bears are doing just fine and dandy.

It was revealed that Facebook fact checkers clarifying science claims on their website are not actual scientists, but are in fact snot nosed journalism interns borrowed from the publication USA Today to censor information.

Recently it was announced that veteran tv journalist John Stossel is suing Facebook for defamation after one of their fact checks incorrectly dissed his work.

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