Horse Bets for 28th March 2023

Below are the UK Horse Bet predictions for Tuesday 28th March 2023 from AlltheInterweb Sports……

Huntingdon 1:30pm
Looks clear cut on the surface, with “Le Tueur” on 5/2 odds with 7 tips, with the 3rd & 4th ranked horses “Mixed Wave” (10/3) + “Aikenbreakinheart” (6/1) both getting 2x tips.
Racing Post predictor tool calls it for “Spotty Dog” on 11/4 in 2nd favourite.

Huntingdon 2:00pm
Also looks an easy pick, with “Greyval” (4/11) getting 12x tips in it’s favour
Racing Post predictor tool shows “Greyval” finishing well clear.

Hexham 2:15pm
Only showing 2 horses in this one, with “Grove Road” on 4/11 getting 11 tips vs “Well Dick” on 2/1 getting 2 tips. Racing Post prediction tools says pretty much the same.

Huntingdon 2:30pm
This one looks a bit tighter to pick a good result from, with “Master Malcom” on 11/4 getting 5 tips in it’s favour. Third ranked pick “Bitasweetsymphony” on 4/1 has 4x tips in it’s favour, while 2nd ranked horse “Keplerian” also on 4/1 gets 2x tips.
Racing Post predictor tool shows “Master Malcolm” finishing first.

Hexham 2:45pm
Seems a simple call from 6-runners, with “Kildrum” on 11/8 getting 11 tips backing it.
Racing Post prediction tool shows “Kildrum” winning, with a tight finish for 2nd and 3rd between “Gipsy Lee Rose” and “Speak of the Devil”.

Huntingdon 3:00pm
This one appears easy to pick, with 1st ranked “Tenfold” on 6/4 getting 10x tips in it’s favour.
The 4th ranked “Estacas” on 6/1 gets 2x tips in it’s favour and shows a 5-star Racing Post star rating.
Second ranked “Arctic Saint” on 9/2 only has 1x tip going for it.
Racing Post prediction tool shows “Tenfold” finishing a decent way ahead of “State of Bliss” (ranked 6th in the betting card on 15/2).

Hexham (3:15pm)
Seems a simple pick from 4x runners, with “Wewillgowithplanb” on 6/5 getting 9x tips against “Bingoo” on 13/8 odds getting 3x tips.
Racing Post prediction tool shows “Bingoo” coming top.

Huntingdon 3:30pm
Another clear cut pick with favourite “Ike Sport” on 6/4 getting 7 tips in it’s favour and a 5 star Racing post star rating.
With 4x tips in it’s favour is “Global Famenglory”, but it’s showing as a Non-Runner as I cobble this together. But Second ranked horse “Hardy Boy” on 11/4 gets 3x tips.
Racing Post Prediction tool shows “Ike Sport” coming top ahead of “Invincible Nao” and “Hardy Boy”.

Hexham 3:45pm
Pretty much nailed on the face of it here too, but maybe not with 2nd ranked horse “Golan Cloud” on 11/4 getting 8 tips, and a 5-star Racing Star rating.
The 3rd ranked horse “Lewa House” on 10/3 gets 3x tips backing it, while 4th ranked horse “Petite Rhapsody” on 13/2 gets 1x tip backing it. Top rated horse is “Marty Time” on 5/2.
Racing Post prediction tool shows “Golan Cloud” finishing a decent distance ahead of “Lewa House” and “How Much”.

Huntingdon 4:00pm
Out of the 7-runners in the last race of the day at this venue, “Shesupincourt” shows top of the betting list with 5/2 odds Ladbrokes, with 7x tips backing it and a 5-star racing post ranking.
The 4th ranked horse “Ratoute Yutty” on 9/2 gets the next most tips for this race on 4, while 5th ranked “Desert Fortune” on 15/2 gets 1x tip.
Racing Post prediction tool shows “Ratoute Yutty” coming top ahead of “Harry’s Hottie”.

Hexham 4:15pm
A tighter one to call, with “High Moon” topping the list on 9/4 with a s-star RP rating, and 5x tips in it’s favour. The 4th ranked of the 5 horses in this race “Chameron” on 7/2 gets 4x tips backing it.
The 2nd ranked horse “Big Changes” on 5/2 has 2x tips backing it.
The Prediction tool on Racing Post shows “High Moon” coming top, a tight finish between the others, with “Chameron” bringing up the rear.

Hexham 4:45pm
Seems pretty much in the bag choosing from the 5 runners in the last race of the day at this venue, with 2nd ranked horse “Clovis Island” on 2/1 getting 10x tips backing it vs the 1st ranked horse “Charlie’s Numbers” on 4/5 only having 1x tip in it’s favour.
The racing post prediction tool shows “Clovis Island” finishing just ahead of “Court Case”, with “Charlie’s Numbers” bringing up the rear.

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4 thoughts on “Horse Bets for 28th March 2023”

  1. Results for Huntingdon (via BBC Sport)………

    1:30pm = Drop Him In, Doyens de Ante, Mixed Wave
    Le Tueur = 4th
    Spotty Dog = 8th (last of the finishers)

    2:00pm = Greyval, Golden Glance, Qoya

    2:30pm = Master Malcom, The Knot is Tied, Abaya du Mathan
    Bitasweetsymphony = Pulled Up (PU)
    Keplerian = Non Runner (NR)

    3:00pm = Tenfold, Arctic Saint, Bushtucker Park

    3:30pm = Eyed, Ike Sport, Invincible Nao
    Global Famenglory = Non Runner (NR)

    4:00pm = Hillfinch, Shesupincourt, Harry’s Hottie, Ratoute Yutty
    2x PU’s, 1x NR

  2. Hexham racing results (via BBC Sports)

    2:15pm = Well Dick, Grove Road

    2:45pm = Hidden Cargo, Kildrum, Gipsy Lee Rose

    3:15pm = Bingoo, Wewillgowithplanb, Benito

    3:45pm = Marty Time, Lewa House, Kilcaragh Boy
    Petite Rhapsody = 5th
    Golan Cloud = 9th (last of the finishers)
    How Much = Pulled Up (PU)

    4:15pm = Chameron, High Moon, Big Changes

    4:45pm = Clovis Island, Fox’s Fancy, Court Case, Swedish Icon, Charlie’s Numbers

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