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As content on AlltheInterweb blogs seems to have come screeching to a halt again due to an assortment of issues behind the scenes, over the past couple of days I have started contemplating the possibility of doing some blogs featuring some horse racing betting tips while I try to get back up to speed with that again.

If things go to plan (for once), I intend to piece together the best information on horse betting I can find from the Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Racing Post, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Sky Bet, BBC Sport, ITV7 and whatever other information comes up.

I can’t guarantee 100% you’ll win big, but I have a fairly decent strike-rate at winning back enough from horse betting to keep going without adding more funds to my betting accounts for 3 or 4 weeks at a time of daily bets on the horses and other sports when interesting opportunties pop up.

Usual Disclaimer about gambling: Never bet more than you can afford to lose if things go tits-up, and always keep your bets firmly in the realms of reality of the chances of happening.

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