Best movies of the 1990’s

After the booming 80’s came the 1990’s, and more great movies, and here they are…..

1) Star Wars: Episode1: The Phantom Menace (1999)…. just when you thought Star Wars was done with the original 3 movies, back it came with this, the first of the Prequel trilogy.

2) Star Trek: First Contact (1996)… The 8th(?) of the original 10 `proper` Star Trek movies, and worth it just for the soundtrack alone.

3) Braveheart (1995)… stars Mel Gibson as Scottish hero William Wallace, though it is rather long at 2hrs 58minutes.

4) Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995)… the 3rd and my favourite of the Die Hard movies.

5) Backdraft (1991)…. Ron Howard movie about 2 brothers in the Chicago Fire Department

6) Home Alone (1990)… the original and best of the Home Alone films, with Macaulay Culkin as Kevin.

7) Back to the Future: Part III (1990)…. the 3rd and final Back to the Future movie, this time set in the Wild West, in 1885.

8) Pretty Woman (1990)… doesn’t need too much introduction, the one with Julie Roberts as a hooker, who hits it off with Richard Gere as a rich business man.

9) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)… the last major outing of the original series crew in a movie, the one where the Federation negotiates peace with the Klingons.

10) Flight of the Intruder (1991)…. a maybe somewhat under-rated film, about the crew of a Grumman A-6 Intruder tactical bomber onboard a US Navy Aircraft carrier during the Vietnam war.

11) The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992).. a Muppets version of the story of Scrooge.

12) Arachnophobia (1990)… story about a small town in America that gets over run with deadly little spiders.

13) Forest Gump (1994)… Tom Hanks film about the life of Forest Gump, a not too bright guy who lucks his way to success.

14) Apollo 13 (1995)… a Ron Howard movie, starring Tom Hanks, following the tale of moon mission Apollo 13, which went a bit wrong, but they safely made it back.

15) Days of Thunder (1990)… stars Tom Cruise as a NASCAR driver.

16) The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear (1991)… Leslie Neilson, returning as Detective Frank Drebin…. the 2nd of The Naked Gun movies based on the Police Squad tv series.

17) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)… the 2nd of the `proper` Home Alone movies, and the last with Macauley Culkin as Kevin.

18) Men in Black (1997)… first of the Men in Black films with Will Smith.

19) Mrs Doubtfire (1993)… stars Robin Williams as a Divorced Dad who tries to spend more time with his kids by dressing up as an old lady to act as their babysitter.

20) Beverley Hills Cop 3 (1994).. the 3rd and so far final adventure for Eddie Murphy as Detective Axl Foley, a Detroit Cop who takes his investigation to Los Angeles.

20 of the best movies of the 1980’s

The 1980’s eventually turned into one of the best decades ever, it was my first full decade…. Margaret Thatcher was British Prime Minister…. Ronald Reagan was American President…. Home computers started to become feasable…. VCR’s started to become common, and a deluge of some of the best movies ever made were made and released.

Here’s the ones you should make sure to have in your DVD/Blu-Ray disc collection (or via iTunes or Amazon Instant Video if you can’t wait for it)…………..

1) Crocodile Dundee (1986): The movie with Paul Hogan as Mick `Crocodile` Dundee from the Australian Outback, who then goes back to New York with a woman journalist after he showed her around the outback.

2) Ghostbusters (1984): The cult-classic comedy sci-fi about a group of university scientists who go into business catching ghosts after getting the boot from their college lab.

3) Back to the Future (1985): The cult classic movie that recently celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary, with Michael J Fox as Marty McFly, and the time travelling DeLorean.

4) Crocodile Dundee II (1988): The sequel to the original movie, where Mick goes back to the Australian outback to fight a drugs gang on his terms.

5) Stand by Me (1986): The tale of a group of boys who go on an adventure to look for a dead body.

6) Die Hard (1988): The first of the 5 Die Hard movies made so far, with Bruce Willis as Detective John McLane.

7) Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980): The 2nd of the original Star Wars movies, and now known as “Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”.

8) Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983): The 3rd of the original Star Wars movies. and now known as “Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi”…. one of the first movies I ever had rented on video.

9) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981): First of the Indiana Jones movies

10) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984): 2nd of the Indiana Jones movies.

11) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989): 3rd of the Indiana Jones movies.

12) Back to the Future Part II (1989): The sequel to Back to the Future.

13) Top Gun (1986): The cult classic movie with Tom Cruise as a US Navy Fighter Pilot.

14) Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan (1982)…….. the 2nd of the `proper` Star Trek movies

15) The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad (1988)… the first of the 3 “Naked Gun” movies with Leslie Neilson as Detective Frank Drebin, from cult classic comedy detective show “Police Squad: In Color”.

16) Turner & Hooch (1989): Stars Tom Hanks as a Police Detective who has to take care of a Dog to find the people who murdered it’s owner.

17) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989): A Christmas adventure featuring The Griswold Family, headed by Chevy Chase as Clark W Griswold.

18) ET: The ExtraTerrestrial (1982): Another cult-classic movie from the 1980’s, made by Steven Spielberg, and of course features an Alien left behind on Earth, waiting to go home.

19) The Great Outdoors (1988): movie starring John Candy & Tom Hanks, with a pair of families going on Holiday (one of which, the in-laws, weren’t exactly invited).

20) Gremlins (1984): The movie about cute little creatures, who when fed after midnight or exposed to water turn into mischievous little creatures who cause havoc.

Youtube Video Picks Playlist

A selection of Youtube vids I playlisted……….

Best American TV Shows Ever

Previously I did a list of the Best British TV Shows, so how about now for a list of shows from the USA that are “must watch before you die”?

1) Home Improvement – The hit 1990’s American Sitcom starring Tim Allen as the accident-prone Tim “The Toolman” Taylor.

2) Seinfeld – The hit 1990’s American sitcom starring Jerry Seinfeld.

3) Frasier – The hit 1990’s American Sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer as Dr Frasier Crane, relocated to Seattle after a divorce, and of course a spin-off from the sitcom Cheers.

4) South Park – The infamous animated cartoon series set in a fictional Colorado mountain town, following the adventures of a group of kids named Stan, Eric, Kenny & Kyle and a host of other regular characters such as Mr Garrison (their teacher), Chef, Mr Mackey (the school council) + many others.

5) The Simpsons – The legendary cartoon series starring Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa & Maggie Simpson along with Grandpa Abe Simpson, Mr Burns, and many others.

6) Family Guy – A cartoon series following the family of a fat bloke named Peter Griffin.

7) Futurama – A cartoon series set in the future, made by the creator of The Simpsons. In a theme similar to Buck Rogers, it stars a pizza delivery guy named Fry who had a slight accident where he fell into a machine that froze him for 1,000 years. Once woken up he ends up working for a courier delivery firm owned by an elderly mad Professor who also happens to be a decendent of his, and becomes friends with a messed-up robot named Bender.

8) King of the Hill – Animated Cartoon series set in Texas, following the family of propane salesman Hank Hill + his friends and neighbours Dale, Bill & Boomhauer.

9) Star Trek: Voyager – A spin off from one of the greatest SciFi franchises of all time, set on a Federation Starship named “Voyager” which gets dragged to the far side of the galaxy trying to find a missing undercover operative, then has to try to make it’s way back to the Alpha Quadrant. Includes many excellent episodes encountering The Borg, and of course “7 of 9”.

10) The X-Files – The legendary SciFi series starring FBI Agents Fox Mulder & Dana Scully investigating weird happenings & government conspiracies.

11) Star Trek: Enterprise – a Prequel series of the Star Trek franchise, set before the days of Captain Kirk & Spock, and the last Star Trek TV series made to date. It follows the adventures of the first USS Enterprise, making it’s first voyage.

12) American Dad – An animated series from the people behind Family Guy, following the family of a CIA agent named Stan Smith. It’s good to watch, but doesn’t really take off until around Series1, Episode 5.

13) Rugrats – The animated cartoon series from Nickeloden, following the adventures of a baby named Tommy Pickles and his friends Chuckie and the twins from next door named Phil & Lil, along with his cousin Angelica and the rest of their families, and their dog Spike.

14) Star Trek: Deep Space 9 – another spin off TV series in the Star Trek franchise, set on a Space Station and overseeing a planet recently released back to self-rule after being taken over by the Cardassians.

15) Star Trek: The Next Generation – the first spin off from the original series of Star Trek, set about 70yrs on from the original series following the adventures of the Enterprise-D with Captain Jean-Luc Picard in charge.

16) The Dukes of Hazzard – described by TV critics as a load of crap, but well loved by TV viewers anyway (mostly for Daisy Duke), and famous for the car too.

17) Police Squad: In Color – A cult classic comedy cop show starring Leslie Neilsen as clumsy Detective Frank Drebin.

18) The A-Team – A cult classic action adventure from the 1980’s starring a group of on the run Army commando’s who got made scapegoats for something they didn’t do, and while on the run help people out who are having trouble with bad guys.

19) Knightrider – Cult classic action adventure from the 1980’s starring a talking heavily computerised car named KITT, and it’s driver played by David Hasselhoff.

20) Airwolf – cult classic adventure series from the 1980’s featuring an extremely advanced Helicopter.

21) Streethawk – a shortlived (13 episode) action adventure series featuring a highly advanced motorbike.

22) Battlestar Galactica – the cult classic original 1970’s version of the SciFi franchise.

23) Friends – the cult classic 1990’s Sitcom set in New York.

24) Columbo – the cult classic detective series.

25) 3rd Rock from the Sun – the 1990’s Sitcom about a group of Aliens living undercover in Ohio to learn more about our Planet’s culture.

26) Mork & Mindy – The sitcom featuring the late Robin Williams as an alien sent to learn more about Earth.

27) Extreme Trains – a documentary series about locomotives, riding along a number of important Freight & Passenger routes across America, with additional segments showing the maitenance side of things.

28) Grace Under Fire – a 1990’s Sitcom featuring a tall blonde single mother.

29) Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – SciFi adventures of an Astronaut who wakes up in the future after a slight mishap.

30) Animaniacs – cartoon series created by Steven Spielberg.

Best British TV Shows that aren’t Top Gear, Dr Who, Sherlock or Downton Abbey

Well I’m a big fan of Top Gear…. not that bothered about Downton Abbey, or Dr Who or Sherlock (but one of the ex. online g/f’s is nuts about them)…. here are more British TV series which are even better if those had given you a taste for British shows……..

1) All Creatures Great & Small – A BBC Drama series based on the James Herriot books about a vet working in a Yorkshire country practice.

2) Poirot – Detective Drama series from ITV, based on the Agatha Christie novels.

3) Bergerac – Detective Drama series from the BBC, made in the 1980’s and set on the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

4) Dad’s Army – Cult classic BBC Sitcom, set in World War 2.

5) Jeeves & Wooster – ITV drama series set in the 1930’s, based on the books by P.G. Wodehouse. Main two stars are Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie.

6) Blackadder – A Cult Classic BBC Sitcom set in 4 different time periods.

7) Red Dwarf – Cult classic SciFi Comedy from the BBC.

8) One Foot in the Grave – The BBC’s best Sitcom from the 1990’s.

9) Victorian Kitchen Garden / Victorian Flower Garden / Victorian Kitchen – 3 series from the BBC recreating Gardening & Kitchen skills developped in England during the reign of Queen Victoria.

10) Two Fat Ladies – One of the best food shows ever created for Television. Almost banned from American television. The recipes usually drive the Diet Scolds nuts.

11) A Passion for Angling – Documentary about fishing created for the BBC and first broadcast around 1993/94.

12) Rab C. Nesbitt – Originally started life as a comedy sketch on the series “Naked Video”, but then the character from the sketch got his own series in 1989 and went on to create 10 series so far.