AlltheInterweb Goes Virtual…..

Tell Your Friends.....

Since the Summer of 2017 (about end of June, I think) the site has started to make it’s presence felt on the old online virtual world known as “Second Life” in the form of a patch of land and some store rentals to experiment with affiliate sales on there.

I even created a Subsite on AlltheInterweb to support it, which you can find by CLICKING HERE.

The experiment with the patch of land could be going better, as neighbouring land owners who came onto the patches of land next to mine have totally f***ed-up the view from my patch that spurred me to buy the damn place.

The experiment with the store rentals is going a little bit better, but nowhere near enough to what I hoped yet.

If you’re into the game too, why not drop by “AlltheInterweb Virtual Product Stores” at Business Park, Gloryland + Kuredhu?

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