Yahoo Groups to Get Canned

It has recently come to my attention that the managed decline of Yahoo is set to continue with the binning of another of the parts of their website I’ve most frequently used over the years.

This time it is the Yahoo Groups feature.

Web service provider Yahoo is to close its ill-fated social media platform, Yahoo Groups, in the coming weeks, as it has seen “a steady decline in usage” over the last several years.

Its closure means that users will no longer be able send or receive messages from their group members.

“Thank you for helping us build one of the earliest digital communities – we’re proud and honoured to have forged countless connections over the last 20 years and played a small part in helping build your communities,” a statement from Yahoo said.

I’m still on the backfoot after they previously canned Yahoo Messenger service.

Apparently you can read more about the latest installment of their managed decline here.

Don’t forget there is a messageboard chat forum here on AlltheInterweb Blogs that you can use to talk about a variety of topics like you’ll no longer be able to with Yahoo.

AlltheInterweb Site Reviews

One of the main things I have been meaning to include as part of the blog is an attempt at doing regular reviews of other people’s websites as part of AlltheInterweb‘s core mission to help you find all the interweb sites you’ll ever need.

However there hasn’t been much of a reason to motivate me into making that a priority.

That seems to have changed in the past month or so after 2 websites I was starting to like managed to p*ss me off by giving me a reminder why the moderator teams on other people’s websites never really inspire me with confidence that they’ve got a clue what they’re doing and motivate me to try to provide more sensible alternatives as best I can with my currently limited resources.

Watch this space for the reviews

Woke Advertisers Boycott Facebook

I have been seeing reports lately that a number of advertisers have announced that they are boycotting placing adverts on well known popular social media website Facebook.

They claim this is because of concerns the social network has failed to crack down on “hate speech” and “incitements to violence”.

Continue reading “Woke Advertisers Boycott Facebook”

Dealing With Mean Comments

Some weeks ago on a support group for YouTube Content Creator type people on Facebook I answered a post asking how to deal with mean comments on videos on your YouTube channel.

I have been meaning to copy & paste my answer into this blog in order to create a blog post like this that puts it where it can be seen more widely, and allows me to expand on it a bit and use less fluffy language if needed without having to worry about tech censorship problems.

Unfortunately now that I have finally gotten round to starting this thing, I can’t find the original post in the facebook group, so can’t access my answers to it in order to make writing this blog more easy to write, so it looks like I’ll have to try do it best I can from memory. Continue reading “Dealing With Mean Comments”

How to Make Money on YouTube

I keep seeing this question asked repeatedly on Yahoo Answers and assorted support pages / groups for Youtubers over on Facebook.

I decided to cobble together this blog post to try save having to repeat typing the same thing over and over again. Not least because of Yahoo Answer’s latest stupid trick of seeming to shadow ban your answers if you go back to edit it for assorted reasons, such as it made a mess of a link to a helpful video explaining something in more detail by tagging the start of the next sentence onto the end of the url to the video. Continue reading “How to Make Money on YouTube”

Is Alexa Ranking Important?

It often seems to get asked if Alexa ranking is important.

By Alexa Ranking, I’m not referring to the Amazon Alexa inside the Echo tech gadget thing but the web traffic anlysis company that’s a subsidiary of Amazon that provides a global ranking of website popularity.
For Instance at time of writing this thing: = #1 = #2 = #3 = #20 = #41 = #4598 = #13,586,653 (but have been higher in the past, almost to top 500k) = #4946
Steemit = #19637
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Where To Make Money Online

Making money online is pretty simple once you’ve figured out the basics, pulling it off to a significant extent isn’t so easy.

Once you’ve put together your website or blog, the next thing you’ll need in order to make money from it is affiliate adverts, as you may have seen dotted around AlltheInterweb (they ain’t just there to make the website look pretty you know).

There are a number of options to go to in order to get adverts Continue reading “Where To Make Money Online”

Online Earning Income Target Chart

Prior to the start of 2018, I knocked together a chart to work out how much money I’d have to make per unit of time measurement to get my online earnings to assorted desired levels as part of a plan to nail it with the online income lark.

Needless to say, while the chart was a great idea, the earnings kind of went backwards due to things like lack of bites on the Amazon ads and the changes to being eligible to earn from content posted to YouTube. At least I seemed to do a bit better with creating content on my various sites, even if various family health issues curtailed my ability to get out to photograph/video stuff for fresh content.

This post is intended to be an improved (hopefully) version of the original “idiot sheet” chart I knocked together in Mozilla Thunderbird, e-mail to myself, and got somewhat buried in the notes folder in my inbox. Continue reading “Online Earning Income Target Chart”

Windows 10 Desktop Icons Grey X glitch

Short of ideas of what to write about next, my PC has seemingly decided to help out by creating a weird glitch to try figure out how to fix a few moments ago.

Reaching to double-click the Desktop icon to open Second Life, I noticed upon minimising my web browser to shift it out the way that a number of desktop icons had developed a large grey X next to the vast majority of them.

A search to figure out the solution suggests I ain’t the only person to have experienced this gremlin with Windows10 over the past couple of years.

I figured it out myself eventually. Just Right-Click on any part of the desktop where there isn’t an icon to bring up the menu, and click “refresh”. Job done, desktop icons back to normal.

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Top 5 Best United Kingdom Job Websites

If you’ve been looking for a job in the UK for any length of time, you’ll probably already be aware of the UK Government Job Website, but what are the best alternative options?

1) – well laid out, and more known for career specific listings, but usually plenty of stuff to choose from.

2) JobsToday – job website from the publishers behind a number of local news publications.

3) JobSite – job website from the publishing company behind the Daily Mail website.

4) CV Library – Plenty of stuff to choose from, usually.

5) TotalJobs – Again, plenty of stuff to choose from.

For a more comprehensive list of UK Job Websites, visit the section on AlltheInterweb’s Web Directory.

For more help gaining employment in the United Kingdom, I strongly recommend the Haynes Job Hunting Handbook from Amazon UK’s Kindle Store.
Click Here for an extended selection of books to help with your job searching efforts.