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How to learn cooking without having to touch meat?

How to learn cooking without having to touch meat ? Etc ?

I not vegan etc just don't want touch meat etc

Just cook things, even things with meat in them, washing hands before and after... you'll eventually get used to it.

Start off with easier to handle ones such as Bacon, Corned Beef, Smoked Sausage, Spam, canned mince beef, etc until you get more used to handling it.

Watch recipe channels on YouTube such as "KeefCooks" + "Cowboy Kent Rollins"

Watch popular cooking shows on Satelite/Cable (e.g. Food Network), Catch-up TV services, Digital Download (iTunes), DVD boxset + put on YouTube / DailyMotion by people who shouldn't have, with some top recommendations to try hunt down include:

  • The Victorian Kitchen
  • Two Fat Ladies
  • Floyd on Italy
  • Rick Stein's Road to Mexico
  • James Martin's American Adventure
  • Two Greedy Italians
  • Delia Smith's How to Cook
  • Rick Stein's German Odyssey
  • Yan Can Cook
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