USB Desk fans

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Well it’s Summertime once again, and that usually means hot weather.

When you’re stuck at the computer there’s no better way to do it comfortably than to have a fan (except maybe having air conditioning), but what if you don’t have a free electrical socket, or your boss is a bit narky about energy usage?

No sweat, as the USB port on your computer can also be used as a power outlet as well as for data transfer, and hence the invention of desk fans you can plug into a spare USB socket.

The one I use is currently no longer available, but there are loads of others to choose from as well as a variety of more snazzy designs.

Their use isn’t limited just for the summer months, as having the cool air from one of these fans blowing into your face can also be quite helpful to reduce the effects of feeling drowsy while trying to plug away at some of the more tedious things you can end up having to do at a computer (such as while doing a computer course teaching you how to use MS Word / Excel / PowerPoint that’s teaching you pretty much exactly the same stuff you’ve been taught about them on previous computer courses and the only thing that appears to have been changed is the course title + qualification level on the certificate) + also if your sinuses are feeling a bit stuffy.

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