Target (TGT) Stocks About to Take a Hit?

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A number of indications that the stockmarket price of Target (TGT) is about to take a hit has been popping up online in the days leading up to Wednesday (17th May).

First up a number of reputatable commentators have been posting screenshots of a headline about the CEO of the Target chain of variety stores claiming they’re about to take a $500-million hit due to “Retail Crime” hitting their stores, especially in Democrat run Cities that don’t seem to understand what the problem is when people start shoplifting on a massive scale.

Prior to this another bunch of reputable commentators have been calling for a Bud Light style Boycott of Target because they have been selling items to assist with an issue increasingly being seen as a form of child abuse.

This comes as they’ve already had to spend the last few years trying to shake off reputational damage from a CEO who didn’t seem to understand why women would object to people with testicles using the women’s toilets in Target stores alongside their young daughters.



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