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what do u think is the BEST and WORST taylor swift albums?

Fairly self explainatory, really.......
which album by Taylor Swift do you think is the best, and which do you like not so much?

Swiftly Rejected is/was an attempt by the webmaster to knock together an independent unofficial Taylor Swift fan messageboard back when the official one was giving users regular problems with over-zealous security to keep spammers and other troublemakers at bay.... before it switched to the app based thing that left out fans with mobile devices new enough to run the app.

original Red.... there's only 2 tracks on there I don't like vs original 1989 = 8 out of 19 tracks I click with

original Speak Now = 8 out of 15

original Fearless = bought 7 tracks from it off iTunes UK before the original stuff got briefly pulled from the store and took a chunk out of my Wishlist

Only got 3 tracks from debut for similar reasons.

Despise "Reputation" because Taylor Swift started to get weird, too political... too much like the other mass marketed woke morons that pass for musicians these days. Can't really bring myself to listen to the samples on iTunes of anything Taylor Swift brought out since because of that album. Apparently she died making it, but recently she's started showing signs of rising from her grave after 6yrs.

Doesn't mean I now hate her, I still adore and care about her alot (or as much as I can from a distance).

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