Draper Electric Weed Burner

I’ve always liked the idea of using a weed burner to tame the garden of nuisance plants growing in places they shouldn’t since seeing them on a gardening TV show back when I was younger.

Traditionally weed burners used for flame weeding have been elongated blow torches using either parafin or butane as fuel source for the flame.

Lately while revisiting the idea I have seen these electric weed burners popping up, with this Draper 68696 2000-watt Electric Weed Burner being one of the few from a recognisable brand of tools.

It is currently selling on Amazon UK for £29.90 at a 14% discount from the regular price of £34.95

It comes with a 1.7-metre long cord for plugging the thing into the mains, which is about 5ft 6-inches long (closer to not quite 5ft 7-inch), so you’re going to need an extension cord for it if you haven’t already got one.

As you may be able to tell, they work like an electric heat gun such as the Bosch or Black & Decker things you use to strip paint with, but it’s on a stick so you don’t have to half-cripple yourself bending down to reach the weed you’re trying to get rid of.

I found this video below on YouTube showing a demonstration of how well the things work……….

The same thing is showing available at online tool retailer Machine Mart for £38.39 for comparison.

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