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Rude Jokes

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Young couple in the cinema. The girl says, "I must have a piss,can I sqeeze past you?"
"Why dont you squat down on the floor and do it" says the boyfriend. "You'll have to disturb all these people, besides its dark, no one will see you."
"OK" she says. She pulls her drawers down and squats on the floor.
The bloke starts feeling horny at the thought of her down there, so he reaches down and makes a grab.
He feels something long and warm and says, "Ugh! Have you changed your sex ?"
"No" she says "I've changed my mind....I'm having a sh*t instead."

Welsh pilots Dai and Owain are struggling with their stricken aircraft, loaded with a flock of award winning sheep.

Rhodri: "We're going to have to crash land somewhere!"

Dai: "But what about all those sheep?"

Owain: "Fuck the sheep!"

Dai: "Great idea! But do we have time?" x

In 1872 the Welsh invented the condom, using a sheep's lower intestine.

In 1873, the British refined the idea by taking the intestine out of the sheep first.

How does a Welsh man find a sheep in tall grass?


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